EU Scream elections


Seventeen million European Union residents blocked from the ballot | Symbolic voting in Berlin with Demokratie in Der Mitte | Séverine Lenglet of Citizens For Europe | Lucy Thomas of Give Something Back to Berlin
Varoufakis Pamela

Meanwhile on Planet Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis accuses Juncker and Salvini of evil dancing | Eleni Varvitsioti recalls the Greek bailout | DiEM25's €2.5 trillion election pledge | Pamela Anderson on activism | Tribute to Jarvis Cocker
Make-Believe Democracy

Make-Believe Democracy

Professor Christine Neuhold on the Maastricht Debate | Real and surreal European politics | An evening on Planet Europe with Pelle Christy | Violeta Tomić versus political animals | Jan Zahradil has Big Fun
Transparency Tales

Transparency Tales

Carl Dolan of Transparency International | Marine Le Pen and misuse of EU party funds | Holding far-right populist governments to account | MEP Watch | Making European Parliament voting records available to campaign groups
Vestager EU Scream

Should Europe ❤ Vestager?

In conversation with Margrethe Vestager | Huawei and China | Climate protection and yellow vests | Red lines for Liberals | Selective tax breaks | Addressing nationalists and speaking from the heart | Beatles vs. Rolling Stones
Disinformation in Perspective

Disinformation in Perspective

Historian Heidi Tworek on News from Germany | Information warfare in the run-up to Nazism | Lessons for the age of Google, Facebook and Twitter | Social media's Code of Practice and European Parliament elections
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