Vestager EU Scream

Should Europe ❤ Vestager?

In conversation with Margrethe Vestager | Huawei and China | Climate protection and yellow vests | Red lines for Liberals | Selective tax breaks | Addressing nationalists and speaking from the heart | Beatles vs. Rolling Stones
Disinformation in Perspective

Disinformation in Perspective

Historian Heidi Tworek on News from Germany | Information warfare in the run-up to Nazism | Lessons for the age of Google, Facebook and Twitter | Social media's Code of Practice and European Parliament elections

Climate and Populism

The uses and abuses of climate policy by parties on Europe's far right | The UK Independence Party and denial of climate science | Le Pen whips up fear of climate refugees | The view from the European Parliament with Bas Eickhout
orban europe


Viktor Orbán's smear campaigns | Stories and analysis from Márta Pardavi and Péter Krekó in Hungary | European Parliamentarian Judith Sargentini still under pressure from Budapest | How to pronounce foie gras
orban weber

Weber the Enabler

Manfred Weber's reluctance to boot Viktor Orban from the European People's Party | Heather Grabbe, Axel Voss, Anett Bősz, Judith Sargentini, Laurent Pech on Fidesz and Europe | James and Tom on nicknames for Michel Barnier and Matteo Renzi
euro crisis

It Could Have Been Different

Barry Eichengreen discusses The Populist Temptation | The eminent economic historian sees strong links between austerity and rise of far-right | Brussels advised to pare back fiscal rules and IMF dinged for being supine
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