Volt Europa, European Revolution

You Say You Want a (European) Revolution

Volt Europa says citizen-focused democracy can help tame populism | Tom describes an evening with DiEM25 and James warns against direct democracy | Pelle Christy tells upstart progressive parties get ready to make compromises
Badass Communication

Badass Communication

Proud Bear on satirizing suspected Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum | Anu Bradford on British delusions | James and Tom on where hardcore Brexiteers got their funds and why the EU is such a hard sell
Marine le Pen, far-right, extremism

Mad About France

David Ibsen of the Counter Extremism Project focuses on the new generation of white supremacists in France | James and Tom discuss whether Marine Le Pen should keep her appointment with a government psychiatrist
EU migration, Photo by Aleks Dahlberg on Unsplash modified by EU Scream

Migrating From the Truth

Migration expert Karen Mets unpicks Lauren Southern's anti-refugee antics | Campaigner Lyudmyla Kozlovska describes how far-right trolls sought to pass her off as Christine Blasey Ford | James and Tom talk about fighting Matteo Salvini's incivility with incivility
Photo by Vikas Khogre on Unsplash, modified by EU Scream, Homonationalism, LGBT in Germany, AfD, far-right, Photo by Vikas Khogre on Unsplash, modified by EU Scream

Homonationalism in Germany

Berlin-based queer activist Aileen Kakavand explains how hypocrites in the far-right Alternative for Germany party stoke fear of Islam to court the LGBT community | James and Tom talk pop stars, populism and politics
Bolkestein Directive, multiculturalism, integration of migrants, Orban Brussels, Wilders, Mark Rutte European Council

Enemies of Multiculturism

Conservative liberal Frits Bolkestein reflects on whether his loathing for multiculturalism paved the way for Orban and Wilders | Post-match analysis | James and Tom focus on a far-right cell in Flanders and on race-baiting in Brussels
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