Climate and Populism

The uses and abuses of climate policy by parties on Europe's far right | The UK Independence Party and denial of climate science | Le Pen whips up fear of climate refugees | The view from the European Parliament with Bas Eickhout
orban europe


Viktor Orbán's smear campaigns | Stories and analysis from Márta Pardavi and Péter Krekó in Hungary | European Parliamentarian Judith Sargentini still under pressure from Budapest | How to pronounce foie gras
orban weber

Weber the Enabler

Manfred Weber's reluctance to boot Viktor Orban from the European People's Party | Heather Grabbe, Axel Voss, Anett Bősz, Judith Sargentini, Laurent Pech on Fidesz and Europe | James and Tom on nicknames for Michel Barnier and Matteo Renzi
euro crisis

It Could Have Been Different

Barry Eichengreen discusses The Populist Temptation | The eminent economic historian sees strong links between austerity and rise of far-right | Brussels advised to pare back fiscal rules and IMF dinged for being supine
open mind eu scream

Keep an Open Mind

Heather Grabbe presents survey findings showing the wide range of values European have in common | Soundous Boualam talks to James and Tom about confronting prejudice and giving the European Union more of a human face
European feminism


Corinna Hörst on Angela Merkel and Brussels policymaking | Jeanne Ponté on #MeTooEP and German conservative pushback | Joanna Maycock on feminist satire and the far-right's agenda for women | "Love Yodel! Hate Fascism!"
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