Photo by Vikas Khogre on Unsplash, modified by EU Scream, Homonationalism, LGBT in Germany, AfD, far-right, Photo by Vikas Khogre on Unsplash, modified by EU ScreamJames talks to a psychologist in Germany confronting one of the most startling strategies used by the far-right: homonationalism.

The concept of homonationalism was developed by Jasbir Puar, a professor at Rutgers. It’s often used to describe how far-right parties like the Alternative for Germany ally with LGBT community to vilify Muslim immigrants.

That’s a concern for Aileen Kakavand, who counsels LGBT migrants and refugees with Muslim backgrounds. Kakavand condemns the hypocrisy of far-right politicians like Beatrix von Storch and Nicolaus Fest for pledging to protect homosexuals from Muslims while seeking to curtail homosexual rights.

First, Tom and James talk about populism and pop music. Kanye West, Lorde and Taylor Swift are among stars who’ve plunged into politics. Plus, who knew Mick Jagger spoke Polish?

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